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Workplace Discrimination and Pregnancy in Alberta

Today, most people rightly expect that an employer cannot factor a woman’s pregnancy into a hiring or firing decision. What many people may not realize, however, is that the law provides protections for pregnant women that go much further than just hiring and firing decisions and can offer them [...]

By |15/02/2023|AB, Blog, Discrimination, Maternity Leave|

Is Not Accommodating Childcare Obligations Considered Discrimination in Alberta?

The balance between an organization’s needs and the needs of its employees is regularly reviewed in the employment legislation of Alberta. Employers regularly face challenges to survive and flourish in their industries and, as society evolves, employees’ lifestyles change in a way that may affect work commitments. For instance, [...]

Complaints About Discrimination or Harassment in the Workplace

The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) requires that all organizations in Alberta provide a safe and respectful workplace. Each employer needs a written policy outlining the steps they’ve taken to provide this and how the company meets acceptable standards. There should also be a complaints procedure outlining how [...]

By |02/11/2022|AB, Discrimination, Harassment, Human Rights, OSHA|

Compensation for Lost Wages Due to Discrimination in the Workplace

If employers in BC breach their duty to accommodate disabled employees in the workplace, they may be answerable to the discrimination laws in the province. Significant “injury to dignity” damages are being awarded to employees in BC as well as compensation for lost wages because of such breaches. The [...]

By |28/10/2022|BC, Discrimination, Human Rights|

Can I Sue for Wrongful Termination in BC?

For an employer in BC who fires a member of staff, it may just mean a reduced headcount in the office or other business premises. For the employee, however, it often means financial, emotional and mental hardship. While there may be a temptation to want to sue for wrongful [...]

Guide on Avoiding Liability for Defaming a Former Employee

Employers may sometimes find a need to dismiss employees for cause. In certain cases, they may communicate the basis for the dismissal to others, such as prospective employers, other employees within the organization or public authorities. Employers may face tort liability for defamation if such communication is not done [...]

By |06/07/2022|BC, Defamation, Discrimination|

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