Third Party Insurance Claims

We know how important it is for Alberta employers to successfully manage workers’ compensation and occupational health and safety matters in the workplace.

Let us apply our in-depth knowledge of the federal and provincial regulatory framework, to help your company minimize the substantial risks involved. In the event your company experiences an occupational health and safety incident, our lawyers will guide you through the complex administrative regime, and strongly advocate on your behalf.


  • Employer registration
  • Classification for assessment purposes, and experience rating
  • Strategies to reduce insurance assessments
  • Notification obligations regarding workplace injuries and occupational disease claims
  • Workers’ compensation claims adjudication and appeals
  • Workers’ compensation wage loss and permanent disability pension benefits
  • Applications for workers’ compensation claims cost relief
  • Financial penalties
  • Duties of employers, workers, supervisors, owners, officers and directors as well as prime contractors at multiple employer workplaces
  • Requirement for joint occupational health and safety committee
  • General, specific and industry-based regulatory requirements
  • Workplace policies on workplace health and safety
  • Accident investigation and reporting
  • Appealing inspection orders issued by health and safety officers
  • Worker refusals to perform unsafe work
  • Discriminatory action/retaliation complaints by workers