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Real Estate Property Development in Kamloops

Real estate development in Kamloops usually involves applications for permits, knowledge of relevant bylaws and zoning regulations, due diligence searches and legal expertise on development rights and avoiding potential disputes.

Real Estate Property Development Lawyers in Kamloops, British Columbia

Attempting to navigate the legal complexities at every stage without a seasoned real estate property development lawyer at your side can be a real challenge. Mistakes are expensive and can cause paralyzing delays or substantial losses. The right legal advice can be priceless.

The real estate development lawyers at Taylor Janis LLP understand the local real estate laws in Kamloops and have helped many development projects proceed successfully.

Whether you are interested in developing land for a commercial, industrial, retail or residential project, we can help you with the relevant legal matters.

How can we help your real estate land development project in Kamloops?

The property development lawyers at Taylor Janis LLP represent investors and developers, as well as business owners, lenders, contractors and sub-contractors.

Our clients develop land for all types of purposes, from office and retail to industrial/commercial and residential.

We can help you structure, negotiate, implement and complete the contracts and agreements that are essential for real estate development projects to be concluded successfully

In particular, our expertise includes the following:

  • Ownership vehicle structuring
  • Construction financing
  • Obtaining municipal approvals and permits
  • Implementing development structures (including complex conventional and air space subdivisions)
  • Drafting/negotiating covenants, statutory rights of way and easements
  • Drafting/negotiating construction contracts and related matters
  • Preparing disclosure statements for condominium, timeshare and strata sales
  • Advising on master-planned communities
  • Conveying completed lots, strata lots or interests for developers
  • Negotiating agreements with neighbouring landowners

Dependable real estate land development support in Kamloops

Property Development Lawyers in Kamloops BCReal estate land development projects are multi-faceted and developers generally require guidance to navigate the legal hurdles presented by structuring and financing matters as well as meeting the municipal, regional and provincial regulations.

Environmental and employment challenges may also represent challenges in land development projects.

Having helped developers around Kamloops plan and complete large and challenging development projects, we can provide informed and experienced advice to help you mitigate risk and capitalize on opportunities.

Our goal is to expedite the project processes so that you achieve the desired results as soon as possible — with the peace of mind that your venture can proceed without key legal issues being overlooked.

Taking a property development project through from start to finish involves legal issues at every stage. Our lawyers work closely with your development and constructions teams as well as professional consultants such as engineers, architects and surveyors.

Our team can provide legal assistance at every stage of the process:

Before purchasing land or real estate, the real estate development lawyers at Taylor Janis LLP can assist with the due diligence process and advise on prospective structures for ownership to ensure an efficient and cost-effective setup.

This includes advice in the following areas:

  • Corporate structuring/tax
  • Limited partnerships, co-ownership, joint ventures, etc.
  • Cost-sharing agreements
  • Land acquisitions
  • Land assembly
  • Title and off-title searches (due diligence)
  • Contract, lease, and environmental due diligence reviews
  • Project and/or construction financing

Once the acquisition is complete, you can rely on us for assistance with the following legal matters to ensure that the project meets its targets once the development gets underway:


  • Municipal/ provincial/federal approvals and permits
  • Site plan analysis and approvals
  • Zoning matters, variances, and severances
  • Risk assessment strategies
  • Drafting construction contracts and other agreements
  • Condominium declarations and other related matters
  • Easements and Shared Services Agreements
  • Transfers for easements, road widening, etc.
  • Restrictive covenants, reciprocal rights agreements, building schemes, etc.

No development is complete until the leasing, financing, and operations matters have been addressed. We can help with the following legal matters:

  • Leasehold and take-out financing
  • Landlord/tenant leases
  • Indemnifier agreements
  • Operating covenants and radius restrictions
  • Standardized leases for multi-tenanted projects
  • Cost recovery and realty tax allocation
  • Reporting obligations
  • Risk allocation
  • Insurance matters

Once your development project is complete, we can help you prepare the necessary documents to assist with selling it or the lots, blocks or units within it.

This includes:

  • Preparing purchase, sale, and lease-back agreements
  • Preparing standard form agreements of purchase and sale
  • Creating standardized closing packages for builder, lot/block and condominium sales
  • Deposit trustee for condominiums
  • Disclosure statements for purchasers
  • Closing of individual sites, lots/blocks, and condominiums
  • Options to purchase or rights of first refusal
  • Financing covenants for prepayment obligations/restrictions

Contact Taylor Janis for help with your real estate land property development in BC

Real estate land development projects require timely, practical and accurate insight and advice for structuring, developing and successfully selling/leasing the spaces you create.

For legal advice on how to proceed with your real estate land development project, contact a lawyer at Taylor Janis LLP in Kamloops for an initial consultation.

If you have any questions or need help with a real estate land property development purchase, please contact our office to schedule a consultation to discuss the details by calling 604-423-2646.

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