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Bad News for Employers: Bonuses Getting Harder to Withhold After Terminating Employment

27/09/16 Joel Fairbrother Read post

It is now well established in Canada that when an employer terminates the employment of an employee without just cause, it must pay the employee both the notice period outlined in the applicable provincial statute, such as the Employment Standards Code of Alberta, and an additional amount, the total of which is known as “reasonable notice” of termination. ...more

Social media and the workplace: Employers should "read the writing on the [facebook] wall"

08/12/14 Jarret Janis Read post

The Decision ...more

Independent Contractor Agreements in the wake of Bhasin v. Hrynew

25/11/14 Jarret Janis Read post

What many are calling a ground-breaking decision on contract law came down from the Supreme Court last week; although the decision applies to all commercial dealings, the decision will likely prove to be particularly important for those individuals and companies that are parties to an independent contractor agreement. ...more

Harassment at work: Where the CBC went wrong with Jian Ghomeshi

15/11/14 Jarret Janis Read post

Recent events at the CBC and the Liberal Party of Canada have, once again, brought to light the age-old problem of sexual assault and sexual harassment in the workplace. ...more