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Unionized Employee Lawyers for Western Canada

Labour Union Employee Lawyers for Western Canada

We understand that unionized employees can benefit from private legal advice and consultation. Not every union representative can be trusted to understand your unique situation, and properly represent your interests. It is important that unionized employees seek the right legal advice early in the process.

We are pleased to offer the following services to unionized employees:

  • Confidential initial consultations
  • Ongoing legal advice and direction regarding workplace investigations, disciplinary proceedings, and grievances
  • Full grievance representation before administrative tribunals and in litigation proceedings
  • Appeals of arbitration or labour board decisions.

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    Client Testimonials


    Very Knowledgeable

    I met with Wilson to discuss a complex work matter. I found him to be very knowledgeable and straight-forward with his advice. He took the time to answer all my questions and I left the consult with all the information I needed to make an informed decision.”

    — J. M.


    Completely Satisfied

    Taylor Janis LLP was extremely professional to work with. Their lawyers were able to quickly resolve my claim to my satisfaction. I am completely satisfied with my outcome, and how quick it was resolved. Please do not hesitate to contact them with any questions regarding wrongful dismissals.”

    — D. R.

    Rated “Top 3”
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