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Post-Incident Drug Testing of Employees in Alberta

Accidents in the workplace can cause safety, performance and liability concerns, especially in situations where an employer suspects the accident may have been due to an employee’s impairment. It is important for both employers and employees to understand their rights and responsibilities moving forward after a workplace incident where [...]

Is Summary Trial a Good Option for My Wrongful Dismissal Case?

Being involved in legal proceedings, whether as a plaintiff or defendant, can be a stressful experience. While parties may look forward to having their day in court so that their point of view can be heard and their dispute resolved, the reality is that getting to court may take [...]

By |28/02/2023|AB, Blog, Wrongful Dismissal|

Workplace Discrimination and Pregnancy in Alberta

Today, most people rightly expect that an employer cannot factor a woman’s pregnancy into a hiring or firing decision. What many people may not realize, however, is that the law provides protections for pregnant women that go much further than just hiring and firing decisions and can offer them [...]

By |15/02/2023|AB, Blog, Discrimination, Maternity Leave|

Termination Notice, Termination Pay and Severance Pay

It can be confusing to understand what your rights are and what pay you may be entitled to as an employee when your employment ends. For non-unionized employees, the Alberta Employment Standards Code (“ESC”) sets the minimum requirements for notice and termination pay that apply. However, your employment contract [...]

By |02/01/2023|AB, Blog, Severance Pay, Termination, Termination Pay|

Is Not Accommodating Childcare Obligations Considered Discrimination in Alberta?

The balance between an organization’s needs and the needs of its employees is regularly reviewed in the employment legislation of Alberta. Employers regularly face challenges to survive and flourish in their industries and, as society evolves, employees’ lifestyles change in a way that may affect work commitments. For instance, [...]

Long-Term Disability and the Effects on Severance Pay

For Canadians who receive long-term disability (LTD), it’s important to understand their rights and responsibilities in the employment relationship. It’s also important for their employers to understand the laws. What happens if an employee is terminated while on long-term disability benefits? What can you do if an LTD claim [...]

By |14/12/2022|AB, Long-term Disability, Severance Pay|

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Do I Have to Return to Work After Being Laid Off in BC?

What happens if an employer terminates your employment contract by mistake? Or if they decide to terminate employees too hastily and later regret their decision?The Twitter story recently made ten headlines when vast chunks of its global workforce were terminated by Elon Musk only for the company to later realize [...]

By |27/01/2023|BC, Laid Off|

Wrongful Dismissal and the COVID Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic brought with it vast and varied disruptions, interruptions and consequences to our health, social lives, and work lives. As businesses shut down to comply with public health orders, owners and employees alike worried about whether their jobs and businesses would survive and when business could resume. [...]

By |18/01/2023|BC, Blog, COVID-19, Wrongful Dismissal|

Employee Rights When an Employer Sells a Business

Whether you are newly employed or have been with the same employer for several years, news that your employer has sold the business can cause anxiety and uncertainty. What rights do you have? What obligations do the original and new employers have? The British Columbia Employment Standards Act, the [...]

By |15/01/2023|BC, Blog, Employee Rights, Selling a business|

Refusing Unsafe Working Conditions

Employees in British Columbia have the right to a safe workplace. Measures intended to ensure the protection of this right are set out in legislation and enforced by courts and administrative entities such as WorkSafeBC. But what happens if you encounter an unsafe situation while on the job? Employees [...]

By |06/01/2023|BC, Blog, Unsafe Workplace|

Avoiding Negligent Misrepresentation in the Hiring Process

A good employment relationship begins at the hiring stage. In their desire to make a favourable impression, it is natural for both job candidates and employers during the hiring process to put their best foot forward and do everything in their power to avoid negligent misrepresentation. However, it is [...]

Can My Employer Fire Me for Raising a Safety Issue at Work in BC?

You may have heard of “wrongful dismissal” in legal cases concerning employment but there is another concept that is central to employment laws in B.C. This is the concept of “prohibited action”, which is addressed in B.C.’s Workers Compensation Act. Your employer cannot legally fire you for raising a [...]

By |16/11/2022|BC, Severance Pay, Termination, Wrongful Dismissal|

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