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We are a leading Alberta employment and labour law firm, located conveniently in Calgary & Edmonton, that specializes in helping workers in Alberta, including:

  • Employees whose employment has been terminated with or without just cause 
  • Workers who have a non-competition/non-solicitation problem or dispute 
  • Workers on contract  
  • Employees who are being harassed, bullied, or discriminated against.

Our approach is simple: we strive to achieve the best result for every client in a timely and cost-efficient manner. We have helped numerous employees who have lost their jobs navigate the legal process to a successful result; we can help you too.

If your employment has been terminated, or you simply want to have a confidential discussion about your employment law rights, Taylor Janis is here to help you move forward.

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What is Employment Law?

Employment laws are in place to govern the often-complex relationship between a worker and a business and to define the rights and responsibilities of both parties.

The labour and employment laws of Alberta are outlined in the Employment Standards Code. This piece of legislation governs non-unionized employees and includes a set of rules and minimum standards for employees and employers to follow. Federal laws also help govern the relationship, as does common law.

Generally speaking, employees have more rights under common law than under provincial legislation. This can create legal disputes, especially with matters such as wrongful dismissal and severance pay.

Because of the significant financial consequences that can result from employment matters, it is important to understand these laws from both sides of the employment relationship and to take the appropriate legal advice if there are disputes.

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What Do Employment Lawyers Do?

Provincial employment laws cover the vast majority of employees in Alberta for matters such as the minimum standard of hours, sick pay and severance in the case of termination.

As mentioned, under the common law, employees may be entitled to more than the minimums stated in the employment acts. Employment lawyers must be intimately familiar with both common law and employment law and advise parties accordingly of their rights and responsibilities.

Employment lawyers can represent either the employee or the employer in legal aspects of labour and employment rights, covering everything from wrongful dismissal and termination without cause to non-solicitation agreements.

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Employment Areas That Taylor Janis Can Advise On

How Can We Help You

Alberta employees have legal rights that are protected by both federal and provincial laws. For example, workers have the right to earn a minimum wage without prohibited deductions. They have the right to holiday and overtime pay. They have the right to be safe and free from discrimination in the workplace. And most importantly, workers have the right to enforce these rights by reporting instances when your employer violates labour law. More Information

Thousands of employees throughout Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan are being impacted by the COVID-19 crisis in some form or another. Taylor Janis Workplace Law has always stood up for employees both as a legal resource and advocate. More Information

Early retirement warning: Be wary of so-called ‘early retirement’ packages, as many employers offer these in an attempt to avoid their full severance obligations to their employees. More information More Information

If your employment is terminated in Alberta, you have legal rights that are protected under both federal and provincial law. Proper notice and fair severance pay must be given in certain cases. If your employment is terminated, you should speak with an Alberta employment lawyer as soon as possible. The sooner you have advice from your labour lawyer, the better protected your legal rights will be. More Information

Many employers require employees to sign non-solicitation and non-competition clauses (otherwise known as restrictive covenants) either before starting work or sometime thereafter. More Information

We are pleased to offer the following services to unionized employees: More Information

We at Taylor Janis Workplace Law understand and appreciate how hard our public sector employees work for the people of Alberta. More Information

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