An employment contract or agreement is simply the specified terms of your relationship with your employer. It sets out your compensation, work hours, responsibilities, and many other things.


If you are employed, you have a legal contract with your employer that is referred to as the employment contract. Your employment contract may be either oral or written. Oral contracts are just as enforceable as written contracts.


The devil is in the details

Besides setting out the basic terms of your employment, written employment contracts often contain what is called a ‘termination clause’. If you are dismissed, a termination clause can substantially limit your entitlement to reasonable notice and/or severance pay. These types of clauses are becoming more common in employment contracts, and it is important that you have an employment lawyer review this clause immediately following your dismissal from employment.

Not every termination clause is valid

Just because there is a termination clause in your contract, does not mean that it is legally enforceable. Depending on the specific language used, there is a good possibility that the termination clause in your contract, is unenforceable, in which case you may still be entitled to proper reasonable notice and/or severance pay.

Taylor Janis is pleased to provide the following services in the area of employment contracts:

  • pre and post-employment contract review, advice, and direction
  • contract drafting
  • contract negotiation
  • litigation

If you have been terminated, and you have a written employment contract, allow Taylor Janis to review the contract, to determine how much severance pay you are entitled to.


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