Early retirement warning: Be wary of so-called ‘early retirement’ packages, as many employers offer these in an attempt to avoid their full severance obligations to their employees. More information

  • An employee is said to have resigned from employment when he or she voluntarily ends the employment relationship or quits. More Information

  • Temporary layoffs due to COVID-19 While the rules concerning temporary layoffs in BC are well-established, it has been necessary during the COVID-19 outbreak to make some amendments so that employers are not adversely affected. The government introduced a rule effective May 4, 2020, stating that if the layoff is for reasons related to the COVID-19 emergency, it may be extended up to a maximum of 16 weeks. More Information

  • As an employee in Canada, you are entitled to notice or pay in lieu of notice if you are terminated by your employer without cause. More Information

  • Your employment may be terminated with or without just cause. More Information

  • More Information

  • As an employee in Vancouver, if you feel that you may be a victim of constructive dismissal, you may be able to claim compensation from your employer. More Information

  • If you are an employee in BC, your rights are protected by both the Employment Standards Act of British Columbia and federal law. More Information