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At Taylor Janis, we understand that termination or dismissal from your job, no matter what the circumstances, is one of the most stressful and difficult times of your life. It is during this time that you need a lawyer that you can trust; one who understands all aspects of the employment relationship.

We are a specialized law firm that practices exclusively in the area of employment law. Our approach is simple: we strive to achieve the best result for every client in a timely and cost-efficient manner. We have helped numerous employees who have lost their jobs navigate the legal process to a successful result; We can help you too.

If your employment has been terminated, or you simply want to have a confidential discussion about your employment law rights, Taylor Janis is here to help you move forward.

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  • Wrongful dismissal occurs when your employer terminates your employment, without respecting your legal rights. More Information

  • Severance pay refers to the amount of money your employer must give you, the employee, when your employment is terminated. This is often referred to as a "severance package", as it may include several aspects of your compensation. More Information

  • Harassment, whether sexual or otherwise, has become a much talked about topic (and rightly so) both at the political level and in the media in the last couple of years. This discussion has lead to the introduction of Bill 208: an amendment to the Occupational Health and Safety Act1(OH&S Act) which seeks to provide protection against workplace bullying. More Information

  • At Taylor Janis, we understand womens' rights in the workplace. We also understand that many companies in Alberta and BC, are under the impression that the rules do not apply to them; or that they can find creative ways around their obligations. This is particularly true regarding maternity leave rights, as, unfortunately, many women are vulnerable during this time, to employer abuse and discrimination; abuse and discrimination which may significantly affect their careers and livelihoods. More Information

  • We are pleased to offer the following services to unionized employees: More Information

  • We understand that, as a specialized employee, you play a key role in your company. Given the added complexities involved with an executive position, we recognize that you require a level of expertise that goes beyond traditional employment law services. Our lawyers are experienced in all aspects of the executive employment relationship. Although we act for executives in all industries, our primary focus is on advising executives and specialized employees in the oil & gas and oil & gas services sector. More Information

  • An employment contract or agreement is simply the specified terms of your relationship with your employer. It sets out your compensation, work hours, responsibilities, and many other things. More Information

  • Independent contractor agreements are becoming increasingly common, especially in an economy as dynamic as Alberta’s. More Information

  • Many employers require employees to sign non-solicitation and non-competition clauses (otherwise known as restrictive covenants) either before starting work or sometime thereafter. More Information

  • Every employee is entitled to overtime pay in accordance with the Employment Standards Code. Some employers are either ignorant to the requirements under the Code, or they deliberately attempt to circumvent these rules. More Information

  • Shareholders in Alberta are an important part of many businesses. Some shareholders are also active in the company’s management or as employees which can add a further layer of complexity to your situation. More Information

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