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Is Summary Trial a Good Option for My Wrongful Dismissal Case?

Being involved in legal proceedings, whether as a plaintiff or defendant, can be a stressful experience. While parties may look forward to having their day in court so that their point of view can be heard and their dispute resolved, the reality is that getting to court may take [...]

By |28/02/2023|AB, Blog, Wrongful Dismissal|

Wrongful Dismissal and the COVID Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic brought with it vast and varied disruptions, interruptions and consequences to our health, social lives, and work lives. As businesses shut down to comply with public health orders, owners and employees alike worried about whether their jobs and businesses would survive and when business could resume. [...]

By |18/01/2023|BC, Blog, COVID-19, Wrongful Dismissal|

Can My Employer Fire Me for Raising a Safety Issue at Work in BC?

You may have heard of “wrongful dismissal” in legal cases concerning employment but there is another concept that is central to employment laws in B.C. This is the concept of “prohibited action”, which is addressed in B.C.’s Workers Compensation Act. Your employer cannot legally fire you for raising a [...]

By |16/11/2022|BC, Severance Pay, Termination, Wrongful Dismissal|

Probationary Periods and Wrongful Dismissal in Alberta

You have been hired for a new position but on a probationary basis. What does that mean? What are your rights as a probationary employee? And what are your options should you suddenly find your employment terminated? Request A Consultation What is a probationary period? As [...]

By |20/10/2022|AB, Termination, Wrongful Dismissal|

Can I Sue for Wrongful Termination in BC?

For an employer in BC who fires a member of staff, it may just mean a reduced headcount in the office or other business premises. For the employee, however, it often means financial, emotional and mental hardship. While there may be a temptation to want to sue for wrongful [...]

Alberta Court of Appeal Reviews Parties’ Intentions in Employment Agreement

In its recent decision of Rice v Shell Global Solutions Canada Inc, 2021 ABCA 408 (“Rice”), the Alberta Court of Appeal considered the intention of the parties to an employment contract with respect to the oft-litigated termination provision. This case is slightly more nuanced, however, in that the [...]

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