Workplace Training & Seminars

Taylor Janis is not just a law firm. We are an ongoing resource for employers in Alberta.

To this end, our mission is to educate Alberta companies on a variety of workplace law issues, from workplace policies to wrongful dismissal. We believe that an educated and informed workplace is vital to the ongoing success of any company, in any industry. Our approach fosters our client’s independence, so that they are in a position to manage their workplace without costly and distracting employment law problems.

Our lawyers routinely present free of charge to companies in a number of different industries, about all aspects of workpalce law. Our seminars and workshops typically last anywhere from 1-2 hours, and we tailor them to suit your company’s specific needs and requests.


  • on-site seminars and workshops for management
  • on-site seminars and workshops for employees

Please contact Taylor Janis today to find out more about our training seminars and workshops.