At Taylor Janis, we understand that today’s companies are operating in an increasingly complex social, technological, and legal environment; traditional employment law services are no longer good enough.

As a small, specialized workplace law boutique firm, we provide faster, more flexible, and more cost-effective services than the large, general service firms; we do this while maintaining a high standard of quality and a broad range of workplace law services. In order to meet all of your company’s workplace law needs, we offer a series of diverse practice areas, from wrongful dismissal actions to contract advice and review, and commercial litigation.

We build long term relationships with our clients, which allows us to get to know your company’s unique culture and operations.

It is through this long term relationship that we are able to provide a tailored and flexible approach to meeting your company’s workplace law needs with high quality, cost-effective services.

Taylor Janis understands all aspects of the employment relationship. More Information

As a business owner or manager, you hire employees on a regular basis. Many employers in Red Deer fail to realize the importance of having well-drafted and legally enforceable written employment contracts in place. More Information

The employer-union relationship is complex. Taylor Janis has the expertise and focuses necessary to simplify the process. More Information

Litigation should be a last resort for employers, used only when a well-negotiated and well-structured settlement, is not achievable. More Information

In today’s society, well-drafted and thorough workplace policies are critical to a company’s long term success. More Information

We understand the legislation, the process, and the practical solutions available to employers when it comes to worker’s compensation and occupational health and safety matters in the workplace. More Information

Companies in Alberta, BC, and Saskatchewan continue to face an increasingly complex regulatory regime. It is important for your company to rely on a law firm that has the knowledge and experience necessary to help your company successfully navigate the employee immigration process. More Information

As specialized, key employees, executives require specialized advice and attention. More Information

As human rights law and policy continues to evolve in Alberta, BC, and Saskatchewan, your company faces an ever-expanding risk to its bottom line. More Information

Shareholders in Red Deer are an important part of many businesses. Some shareholders are also active in the company’s management or as employees which can add a further layer of complexity to your situation. More Information

At Taylor Janis, we are a legal resource for employers throughout Alberta, BC, and Saskatchewan. More Information

At Taylor Janis, our goal is simple: to provide high-quality legal services, in a timely and cost-efficient manner. More Information


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